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Hippie Hijinx

Hippie Hijinx

One of my all time favorites, this timeless classic boasts of robust Patchouli mixed with a hint of Dragon's Blood.   I am reminded of stepping into one of the old shops in Woodstock, NY, still ran by a life long Love Child.  The first place I ever had the pleasure of inhaling authentic Patchouli oil.  Coupled with the sultry Dragon's Blood?  This is one for the ages!  Oh, the memories...


Wooden wicks add a touch of elegance.  This one even has a slight crackling sound!


  • Top: Green, Citrus, Orange Rind
  • Middle: Lily, Floral, Geranium, Rose, Star Anise
  • Bottom: Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk, Clove
    Expect 2-3 weeks for shipping, although product may be shipped sooner.
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